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Flat Roofing

Your Trusted Flat Roofing Contractors in Norwalk, CT

Are you looking for flat roofing companies in Norwalk, CT? If so, you’ve come to the right place! At Sound Renovation, we’ll deliver a maintenance-free roof that will keep your property protected from the elements. No matter if you need us to handle a flat roof or a low-pitched roof, we’re more than qualified to help you! We can install flat roofing systems to suit different needs and budgets. When you work with us, you can rest assured that you’ll have a leak-free roof for many years to come.

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Learn About E.P.D.M.

Our factory-trained roofers can install, a fully adhered single-ply .060 millimeter rubber membrane roofing system without complications. On each job, we’ll use glue, sealer, and coating products approved by leading manufacturers like RPI, Versico, GenFlex, Firestone, Carlisle, Dow, and GAF, to ensure the best results.

What are the advantages of an E.P.D.M.

  • Easy to maintain
  • Rubber is both flexible and durable
  • Absorbs solar energy, reducing heating costs (Black-EPDM)
  • Reflects solar rays, reducing cooling costs
  • You can glue, mechanically fasten, or weld the system together

In addition, we offer ecodur which is a super strong roof coating that adheres well to E.P.D.M.

Ecodur is a white, fast-curing coating that may be applied to practically any surface, including cementitious, metal, asphalt, single-ply, and more. It is not silicone, but Ecodur delivers the best adhesion in the industry and has a bonding strength that is more than three times stronger than that of the majority of conventional roof coatings, which makes it even more exceptional.


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Benefit from Installing a Kemper System

A Kemper System is a state-of-the-art system combining a waterproofing membrane and a two-part resin-fleece for limitless waterproofing applications. As a certified Kemper System installer, our professionals at Sound Renovation can apply this advanced waterproofing technology to protect your home in Norwalk, CT, for many years to come.

What are the advantages of a Kemper System?

  • Extensive lifespan
  • Highly durable and strong
  • Adheres to virtually any surface
  • Self-terminating and self-flashing
  • Resistant to UV rays and chemicals
  • Provides superior protection from the elements and moisture
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Discover the Power of Castagra Ecodur: Transforming the World of Coatings with Sustainability and Strength

Castagra’s Ecodur – Embrace a sustainable, versatile, and resilient coating solution that’s designed to endure!

  • Green and Clean: Ecodur is a plant-based, VOC-free coating that leverages the power of renewable resources, offering an eco-friendly alternative to traditional coatings.
  • Superior Durability: Known for its incredible adhesion and abrasion resistance, Ecodur can withstand extreme conditions, promising a longer lifespan for your structures and a reduction in maintenance costs.
  • Unmatched Versatility: Ecodur’s broad range of application surfaces, from concrete to metal to wood, makes it a sought-after solution across various industries including wastewater, oil & gas, and construction.
  • Safety First: Being solvent-free and non-toxic, Ecodur ensures a safer environment for applicators and significantly reduces environmental impact.
  • Impressive Chemical Resistance: Offering high resistance to a wide array of chemicals, Ecodur stands as a robust and resilient coating solution even in the harshest of environments.
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