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People who live in cold climates, especially in areas that tend to get a great deal of snowfall, need to make sure that their roof is ready for the winter. Roofing repairs should be taken care of before the cold weather sets in, and measures should be taken to make sure that the roof is protected from ice dams.

Missing shingles, cracked tiles or an underlayment that is torn or damaged can lead to water leaks, especially when the snow begins to melt. Taking care of these problems before the first snowfall is a great way to protect a roof as well as the entire home. Water leaks can cause extensive damage, especially when they go undetected for an extended period of time. Leaking water can deteriorate the roof deck, damage attic insulation and even result in mold and mildew in the home.

Another problem that should be addressed is the temperature in the attic. Many homeowners give little thought to whether their attic is the right temperature, especially if it’s an area of the home that isn’t used. However, Norwalk roofing contractors recommend maintaining a cool attic space in the winter. The attic needs to be properly sealed, insulated and ventilated in order to protect the roof.

In climates with freezing temperatures and frequent snowfall, ice dams can be a serious problem.

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Ice dams are the ridges of ice that are often seen forming along the edges or eaves of a roof. They can sometimes be found along gutters as well as in roof valleys. Wherever these ice dams are located, they pose a significant risk for roof damage.

There is one primary reason that ice dams form on a roof. It almost always has to do with the fact that the underside of the roof is too warm. It is crucial to maintain a cool roof in order to prevent uneven melting of any snow standing on the roof. Two of the most common reasons that the underside of a roof gets too warm are a lack of proper insulation or an attic that has insufficient ventilation. Fortunately, both of these problems are easily remedied by a professional roofing contractor.

It is important to seal any cracks or openings that lead into the attic. This can be gaps around light fixtures or vents or even ducts that aren’t properly sealed. It is also important that the insulation is the right R Value for the climate. In order to improve ventilation, roofing contractors often install attic fans in addition to vents in the eaves or soffits.

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