Choosing a specific month to renovate your home is almost as ridiculous as choosing a month to give birth to a baby. So, think of your home renovation as a baby, at least you are birthing a new and fresh look for your home. That should surely get you excited!

That said, there is no perfect month to renovate your home. However, there are specific seasons that are better for you to get some jobs done for your house. You don’t want rain and terrible weather messing up your work even before you’ve had time to enjoy it. That’s why you must get your timing right before diving into your renovation business.


The New year is the best time to get your windows and floors fixed. If you want to install new floors and carpets you can get that done in January. You can access leftover materials from the previous year during this period because this is when most companies release their new products. Also, when you install new windows at this time, you can enjoy a properly insulated home throughout the year. 


For any interior design that you want to do, February is the best time. You have high tendencies of getting better pricing for the materials needed for your projects then. Even the professionals that would help you have fewer jobs in that time – so, they won’t charge much. If you want to paint your home or remodel your bathroom or kitchen, this is a perfect time to choose. 


This month has the most unpredictable weather but you can get your home gutters fixed at such a time. You would be able to get it ready before the rainy season between spring and winter. With the best professionals, you can ensure that you get a quality and solid job for your home.

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April heralds friendly weather that gives you free rein to get some outdoor jobs done. You can fix your fence, deck and even your windows at a time like this. Most window manufacturers have their sales during this time.


A humid period is on its way when you get into May. You cannot afford to have an air conditioner meltdown at this time. Get your air conditioner in order on May so you wouldn’t have to compete with others for repairs in the heat of summer.


If you want to handle the exterior of your house, June is a perfect time to get that done. You can always use a power washer to give your house a clean look before summer. If you notice any cracks on your siding, it would be best if you fix it immediately in June.

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When it is July, fix your chimney. I know you might be wondering what you would need for a fireplace in this hot season. If you fix it during this time, you would spend less money because professionals are not in high demand. 


This is a great month to get your exterior painting fixed. August has consistent temperature levels which would allow your home painting to come out well. You can also repair or replace your roof when the sun is still out as a measure against the rainy season. 


September is a perfect time to prepare against the resumption of your children, so you would have to fix the garage door openers and ensure that they work perfectly so your kids can easily get their bikes and equipment out. 


At this time, you can hear the winter winds billowing already. The best thing to do is inspect your roof for any leakages or possible damages to ensure you wouldn’t have to deal with that during the heat of the season. 


Make sure that your home landscaping is in a proper state during this time. Check your doors, windows and other areas that offer insulation so you can fight against the cold and wet season. 


If you want a home remodelling done quickly, December is the time for you because you can get mouth-watering deals. This way, it wouldn’t get in the way of your normal plans for this season. However, most people prefer to avoid renovation this month.

If you need help renovating your home regardless of the month, make sure to contact us!

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