If you have been standing on the fence about metal roofing, you should stop and use it. And trust us, it is one of the best materials for your home improvement projects. While the material might not be as popular as asphalt and wood shingles, it is fast growing in status.

But beyond the recent trend, there are several benefits you can derive from using metal roofing for your home. We have gathered the top 7 in this article. Have a look!

7 Reasons You Should Use Metal Roofing


When you understand the effects of industrial emissions on the planet, you will see that eco-friendly materials are the way forward. And beautifully, there is no roofing material as eco-friendly as metal roofs.

For starters, these roofs are a direct product of recycling. And even after use, they will go back to recycled raw material.

Furthermore, the production of metal roofs emits fewer fluorocarbons compared to asphalt and wood shingles. And during transportation, they don’t heap too much load on the vehicle that might make the latter emit excess fumes.

In summary, metal roofing reduces waste and excessive use of fuel. For that reason, it makes the planet a safer place for all.

Energy Savings

Metal roofing doesn’t stop at saving the planet. It also saves your pocket from expensive energy bills. Unlike asphalt shingles that can only reflect 5% of sunlight, metal roofs can dissipate up to 95%. Here is what that means for you:

Your home, especially the attic area, won’t over-absorb sunlight and become too hot during the summer months. In other words, you would limit the use of your AC. Ultimately, you would be able to reduce your energy bills.

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We understand you might already be accustomed to the longevity of asphalt and wood shingles – that is about 15 to 20 years. And frankly, such timelines are excellent but not the best – considering that your house would probably outlast such timelines.

Regardless, metal roofs are in a league of their own. They completely shattered the charts for durability. These materials can last for up to 70 years. And if you maintain the roofing, you can get more than 70 years.

Wait, what kind of maintenance?


Unlike asphalt and wood shingles that require regular and often costly maintenance routines, metal roofs are almost maintenance-free. Other than clearing your debris & gutters and re-touching the paint, there’s nothing much to do on your metal roofs.

Now, you might ask, how about wind, combustion, and all ranges of weather conditions? Won’t those conditions warrant regular maintenance for metal roofing?

No! Metal roofs are resistant to wind and combustion. Even in harsh weather conditions such as snow, the flakes would melt and slide down by themselves.

Note: the only major maintenance you will do on your metal roof is resealing. And even that is after every 20 years – the timeline for asphalt and wood shingles.

Easy Installation

This particular benefit would surprise you, especially when you consider that metal ought to be heavier than asphalt and wood. Well, the opposite is the case; metal roofing is light. For that reason, they are easy to move around during installation.

Lightweight asides, these roofs use over-the-top installation. In other words, you can install these materials over existing roofing. That means you won’t waste time uninstalling the old material first.

Think about it; even the over-the-top installation is another energy-saving feature. The more protection you have, the better you’d be able to conserve energy – this would work perfectly for the winter months.

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Metal roofs can offer your home the perfect blend of beauty and the beast. About beauty, you even have options. You can choose either from aluminum, copper, steel, or even zinc roofing. Whichever option you pick, they are all beautiful.

Furthermore, all types of metal roofing can model different styles. You can even model yours after the looks of asphalt or wood shingles. Plus, you can paint the roofs to add taste and class to your house.

Pro tip: If you’re keen on beautiful roofing, choose copper roofs. They are attractive but can be expensive.

Last note: Your metal roofing will only be as beautiful as the expert who fixed it for you. In essence, ensure you engage the right professional to put your expensive investment into good use. Luckily, we, Sound Renovation LLC, are the professionals you seek. Reach out today with your needs, and let’s help you bring new light to your house!

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