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Our Services

Sound Renovation has the expertise to take on large-scale new construction or individual home improvement and renovation projects. We maintain a sharp focus on the details that are required to finish any job to the highest standards of workmanship and excellence. We encourage you to explore our full suite of services including roofing, siding, windows,  gutter installations, as well as custom metal fabrication. 


The roof over your head should protect your family and belongings, give you peace of mind, and add curb appeal to your home. We make safeguarding your investments our top priority. Our experienced roofing installers use top-quality materials made by industry-leading manufacturers for every project.   Sound Renovation creates weather-tight protection designed specifically for the New England climate.

Our roofing services are comprehensive, which includes your entire roofing system: venting, flashing, gutters, and chimney. We even provide emergency services in the event of a sudden leak or catastrophe. We build “peace of mind” right into every roof we install.

Sound Renovation provides a wide range of roofing options for both residential and commercial applications. 

Learn more about our roofing options available to you below:


The right siding can provide beauty, protection, and energy savings for your home. By “wrapping” your home in a protective shell, properly insulated siding can actually help reduce your energy costs and keep your family warm and safe….all while enhancing the appeal of your home.

Whether you choose traditional wood shingle or clapboard siding, fiber cement, or convenient premium vinyl siding, our certified installation teams ensure that your project will be finished on time, with extraordinary attention to detail. We work with only the finest materials to guarantee that you’ll be able to enjoy your new siding for many years to come. 

Learn more about the different types of siding services we provide below:


New Construction or Replacement Windows

Whether vinyl, wood, or clad-style windows, as an AAMA “Installation Masters Certified” window and door installer, Sound Renovation offers a full range of high-performance, energy efficient replacement window options from the industry’s leading manufacturers. You reduce your heating and cooling costs while adding beauty and comfort to your home — and you help the environment.

Our window styles include double-hung, casement, picture, acoustic and many others — plus sliders, patio doors, and more — all ENERGY STAR® Qualified.

You choose from:

  • Low-Emittance (Low-E) Windows — with a Low-E coating that diminishes heat transfer while reducing ultraviolet light, which harms carpets, fabrics, and drapes.
  • Low-E / Argon Gas Windows — with a Low-E coating plus heavy insulating vapor between panes, resulting in glazing that inhibits the flow of air.
  • Low E / Krypton Gas Windows — the industry’s most advanced energy-efficient windows, combining a Low-E coating with the heaviest insulating gas/glazing available in replacement windows.

We install products from a variety of manufacturers, highlighted by top-of-the-line windows.

Replacement Windows

Replacement windows often require trim replacement. At Sound Renovation, we are a “Certified Renovator” of the E.P.A. which allows us to test and remove lead paint safely.


Ask about our wide selection of exterior storm and entrance doors.


Metal Fabrication

Sound Renovation’s professional metal fabricators can fabricate and install most flashings needed for your home improvement project including:

  • Chimney flue flashings and chimney caps
  • Chimney base and counter flashings
  • Roof and chimney cricket flashings
  • Wall and apron flashings
  • Window wells and diverters
  • Door and window pans
  • Post flashings and pitch pockets
  • Yankee gutters / built-in gutters
  • Window and door drip caps
  • Water table flashings
  • Drip edge and perimeter edgings
  • Scupper boxes and copings
  • Valley flashings and returns
  • Specialty flashings

Our experienced craftsmen and coppersmiths are skilled in the art of metal fabrication.

Our quality workmanship is evident in our:

  • Metal fabrication
  • Soldering
  • Installation techniques
  • Attention to detail

Sound Renovation is widely recognized for our problem-solving skills. We take the time to find the problem and offer a cost-effective solution. When we install flashings, we not only fix the problem, we add curb appeal and value to your home.

That’s the “Sound” way: Premium Quality At A Practical Price

Call or email us today for a free consultation.


Functional and fashionable, a gutter and leader system is essential in the protection of your home from water damage. Therefore the proper installation of your gutter system is crucial. Sound Renovation’s experienced craftsmen can install the right gutter system to solve your needs. As a “Certified Leaf Relief Contractor”, we can also install a patented designed gutter protection system to allow water to flow freely through your gutters.

What type of gutters should I use?

There are different styles of gutters and leaders. We can evaluate your home to determine the appropriate size gutters and proper placement of leaders to maximize your system’s effectiveness. Although gutters play an intricate role in protecting your home, you may also want to consider the aesthetic value they add.

Our skilled installation professionals can install a gutter system with different metal and color options that provide:

  • The classic old world look that is always in style with a ½ round gutter
  • A clean streamline look with a seamless OG or “K” style gutter
  • Choice of smooth round or round corrugated leaders
  • Choice of 2×3 or 3×4 rectangular leaders

Let Sound Renovation add curb appeal, value, and protect your home with a new gutter and leader system that fits your budget.

If it’s a “Yankee” or built-in gutter that you need, our skilled craftsmen can fabricate and install the profile you desire.