Either in new or remodeled homes, decks are crucial elements of your curb appeal. And beyond aesthetics, they also serve as your hideout from all the indoor distractions.

Perhaps you have families over for anniversaries, and the noise was deafening; your deck can be your perfect getaway – but add a spice of smooth jazz!

That said, your deck should be an extension of your personality. More importantly, it should be safe enough to withstand all your stargazing and quiet moments. For those reasons, you should choose the best material while building your deck – and this post will help you all the way!

So, what should you know? What factors should you note?

5 Factors To Consider When Choosing Your Deck Material

Cost Of The Material

Regardless of your budget, there is an option for you. If you are tight on cash, and only need something for the short term, we’ll advise you to go for a wood deck. About that, know that there are yet options for wood decking.

Pinewood decking, for example, would cost you in the range of $5 to $11 per ft2. On the other hand, redwood alternatives could be as expensive as $35 per ft2. And that is the first issue with wood – price variability.

Also, wood decking, though cheap, attracts the most maintenance costs in the long run. You’d spend on preservatives. Yet, there are more expenses on making the deck stain-free.

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So, what deck materials are cost-effective?

Try aluminum.  But know that it is a bit pricey at $11 per ft2. Even at that, this decking material is worth every penny; it doesn’t wear out and can withstand pest attacks.

Perhaps aluminum is pricey for you. Then, check vinyl composite; it goes for a max of $8 per ft2. Like wood, this decking material requires maintenance too – but only a little. Luckily, all you have to do is power washing.

Best pick for cost-effectiveness: aluminum

The Aesthetic Value Of The Material

Wood, undoubtedly, is the widely used deck material. And for most parts, it adds classic beauty to your decking. However, the more creative the designs, the more money, and resources you spend on wood.

Worse: spectacular wood decking comes with hectic maintenance routines. The color, as a start, might begin to fade. When that happens, the cherished beauty will turn into an unpleasant grey.

That said, we will advise you to use vinyl composite. It is versatile and can mold into any design of your choice. More importantly, you won’t suffer through the rudiments of wood cutting and carving – and the maintenance duties.

The best part: with vinyl composite, you can still get a wood-look-alike classic appeal.

What of aluminum?

Aluminum is the last material you should consider for your deck regarding aesthetics. While it might be cost-effective, it lacks a natural appeal and can even be loud when you walk on the surface – there goes your much-desired tranquility.

Best pick for aesthetic value: vinyl composite

The Durability Of The Material

As we had already stated, wood isn’t a durable deck material. Unless you plan to use it for the short term, it will decay over time. Besides, lumber is a natural food and home to insects. In other words, wood decking might increase your bill on pest control.

Lastly, the color of wood tends to fade over time. Overall, you had best not choose it if you want a durable deck. And we mean that for all kinds of wood, pine, redwood, and even the hardwoods.

How about pressure-treated wood?

Indeed, this kind of lumber is affordable and already treated. Unfortunately, it is unstable and can cause your deck to collapse or crack.

What deck material is then durable?

Aluminum and vinyl composite are the most durable deck material. The two are both flame resistant. Also, the materials can resist rot and weather conditions. 

Furthermore, aluminum and vinyl composite will give you peace of mind against pest infestation with these materials.

Best pick for durability: aluminum and vinyl composite

Maintenance Of The Material

Frankly, you will have a maintenance routine for your deck, regardless of its material. Else, your curb appeal will suffer. Worse: you will accrue expenses on repairs.

Even at that, we understand that you prefer a deck material that requires little maintenance. In that case, steer clear of wood and aluminum. Why?

Wood decking requires regular, almost excessive, care. First, you will appropriate an annual power washing. Yet, you will apply preservatives and do a bi-annual coating. Despite all that work, you still need to check for holes and insect activity.

Aluminum, on the other hand, doesn’t require such a hectic care routine. Even at that, prepare to clean dirt and grime often – aluminum attracts those like magnets.

Furthermore, aluminum requires you to create a schedule to clear debris and water off your deck after rainfall. And while you are at it, be careful not to scratch or dent the surface.

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That said, we will advise you to stick to vinyl composites. They only require little maintenance since they are already resistant to water and wear. 

Best pick for low maintenance: vinyl composite

The Contractor

The last consideration regarding your deck material is where you get them and who helps you fit them. If you engage a quack contractor, it wouldn’t matter if your deck material is perfect; the result will be unsatisfactory.

For that reason, ensure you work with professionals. You deserve the comfort that comes with working with one; your deck merits quality work too. So, who can you trust?

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