Regardless of the quality of your window glass and pane, you will need to clean it regularly. However, take time to clean your window the right way, especially in the summer. Else, your valued property will suffer for aesthetics and durability.

That said, what is the right way to clean your windows for the summer?

We have listed 8tips to help you achieve an impeccable window in the summer in this post. You can equally apply our tips all around the year.

So, shall we begin?

What Will You Need For The Cleaning Job?

The first step to having a perfectly clean window through the summer is getting your cleaning supplies. About that, you don’t have to go all-out spending all your money. At the same time, you shouldn’t settle for an inferior or incomplete kit that would lead to endless scrubbing.

Fortunately, a few basics would suffice to do the job – and perfectly. Besides, the usual cleaning centers on ridding your windows of stains and dirt.

So, what supplies should you get?

  • You probably have water – but ensure it’s from a clean source and close to your windows. Else, you will go through the stress of moving it through a long distance.
  • If you don’t have a bucket, get one, and a wide one at that. How wide?

The bucket should be wide enough to at least contain a squeegee.

  • A squeegee is the next item to get. However, do well to buy the specific ones for window cleaning.

Also, note that the price of window squeegee will vary in brand, quality, and even size. Regardless, get one that is convenient to use.

About quality, consider the material of the squeegee, especially the rubber part. The rubber handle should at least be durable enough to last you for a while. And if you mistakenly broke it, don’t worry one bit, you can always replace the handle.

  • In addition to your squeegee, consider a ladder and an extensible handle for your cleaning aid. While this step might not be crucial if you stay in a single-story building, it is when your house is multi-story. That way, your hands can clean even the tip of the tall windows.
  • Cleaning cloths – after you must have scrubbed your windows with the squeegee, you still need an extra cloth to wipe. For that, we advise you to get microfibre cloth (at least two), and a towel (preferably an old one because its fabric is already soft and won’t scratch your window).
  • Cleaning detergent – comes last because it is not always necessary. But, in the case of a tough stain, you should consider investing heavily in a quality detergent/solution. With one, you will rid your windows of its stains.

Now that you have the cleaning supplies, let’s get into the remaining action-centered tips.

Desist From Cleaning During Sunny Hours

Ordinarily, getting out to clean in the sun is hectic – unless you are ready to sweat. Even at that, it’s not appropriate to clean your windows when the sun shines directly on them. Why?

For a start, your cleaning solution effects won’t last. That’s because as soon as you apply the aid, the sun evaporates it.

In essence, the expensive cleaning solution would come to a waste. We are sure you don’t want that!

Apply The Cleaning Solution The Right Way

Understandably, you’re not a professional window cleaner. For that reason, the chances are that you don’t know where and how to apply your cleaning solution.

So, let’s help you! Get the cleaning solution, and apply it directly on one of the cloths we advised from tip 1.

Note: the cleaning cloth should be wet! Lastly, and most importantly, use the wet cloth (that now contains a cleaning solution) only in a circular motion on your window.

Watch The Temperature Of Your Cleaning Water

Like we advised you to steer clear from cleaning your window during the sun, don’t use hot water. Hot water is not glass-friendly.

We understand you wanted to use hot water to get rid of deep stains. But don’t! Instead, use lukewarm water; that will suffice.

In all, the best temperature is cold water because both lukewarm and hot water is likely to leave marks on your window. Worse, the water will dry long before the cleaning solution has worked.

Remove Traces And Residues

Even on the most careful day, you might still omit some dirt on your window. Besides, you’re not an expert, and you will often leave traces.

When such instances occur, take the second cloth (ensure it is clean and dry). Use that to wipe the dirt, residue, and traces.

Remove Excess Water With The Squeegee

The next step after scrubbing your window with a wet cloth is draining the surface of excess water with a squeegee. To get the best results, use the aid rightly. How?

Angle your squeegee to 45 degrees while drying the window. Then, dry from the top of the glass to the bottom.

Do that, and see the difference!

Now, Use The Towel

Remember the old towel from the cleaning supplies! Now is the time to use it.

Get the towel and use it to remove the residue toward the bottom of your window. For convenience, you can let the towel soak the water and throw it out after.

After that, use the dry and clean cloth to wipe the surface one last time.

Check If The Window Is Crystal Clean

Just one last step: stay back a few distances from your window. Now, look if there are more dirt, marks, traces, or even prints on the glasses.

If the window is spot clean, then your work is complete. Else, get the dry cloth once more and use it to wipe any uncovered space.

And now, your window is as clear as crystal! With that, you can enjoy your summer views and companies.

Nevertheless, know that the quality of window materials and the fittings still determine how durable the whole setup stays. In that case, ensure to invest with a professional that you can trust.

This point is where we come in at Sound Renovations LLC. We are experts at renovating home details and a one-stop shop for all materials to make your house homely.

Reach out today, and let’s bring back the spark to your house! Or do you need more inspiration about home, roof, siding, and gutters?

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