So it’s that time of year again? You are looking to clean the gutters!

Depending on the season, gutters can get clogged with debris, leaves, and all types of dirt. It is incredibly frustrating, and we fully understand. 

However, it is essential to keep clean gutters to maintain your house. Clean gutters can help protect your doors, windows, and the sides of your home from annoying water damage. Plus, if you have a basement, you’ll significantly help the maintenance by having clean gutters.

But, we know cleaning gutters can seem tedious, and you might want to get an expert. However, it is entirely possible to clean the gutters by yourself, and we are going to help you with some valuable tips. 

  1. Have a sturdy and reliable ladder

To some people, it might sound obvious. But if you’re looking to clean the gutters, make sure you have an excellent ladder. If you don’t have a safe ladder, you should call the experts in or head to the local DIY store and buy one. 

You should opt for an extendable ladder and look for a steady surface. Ensure you give the ladder a shake before you walk up the ladder to ensure you have steadiness. 

Also, you can use a ladder stabilizer to stop gutter damage and for your own safety. It is even better if you have a helper to hold the ladder and pick up any dropped tools. 

  1. Use a gutter scoop

Cleaning the gutter is potentially filthy. You don’t know what you’ll find inside the gutter, and you probably don’t want to know either. With that said, you should use a gutter scoop to remove any filth and dirt out of a gutter. You don’t want to scoop anything out with your hands. 

Alternatively, if you don’t have a gutter scoop, you could use a child’s sandbox. These also work effectively to clean gutters. Another superb option is a plastic kitchen spatula, it isn’t as easy as a gutter scoop, but it is better than using your hands. 

Finally, you could use a gutter cleaning robot, they aren’t cheap, but they do the job. 

  1. Place a tarp underneath your workspace.

So you’ve just gone through the effort of cleaning your gutter. Do you really want the process of cleaning the gunk off your floor? We doubt it, but an excellent idea is placing some tarp underneath the gutter. 

Therefore, all the horrible dirty stuff that you can find in the gutter will drop on the tarp, and you can pick it up and throw it in the bin – an easy job!

Alternatively, you could place anything underneath the workspace. Do you have an old bed duvet that you no longer use? If you don’t have any tarp, you might not need to go out and get some. There are many ways you can improvise. Most importantly, be sure to protect your landscaping and lawn.

  1. Use a garden hose

Now you’ve thoroughly cleaned the gutter, and all the dirt from the gutters is on the floor. It is a great time to grab your garden hose and blast it off your floor. Try to wash away all the dirt and debris down the drain. 

If you have some tarp underneath your workspace – you should be able to clean it straight off the tarp and into the drain. Also, It will show you if you have any leaks.

  1. Repair sagging gutter metal 

Once your gutters are clean, you will know if there are any potential gutter issues or damage. If you can see sagging gutter metal, you can repair it by mounting a gutter hanger. It is a pretty effortless job, and you’ll prevent any future damage to your gutters. 

If you leave it – it will only get worse. But if you don’t fancy doing the job, hire an expert because it won’t take them long!

Final thoughts

So, cleaning gutters isn’t that bad after all? Some people will grab a pair of gloves and clean the drain with their hands. However, the tips above will give you an effortless drain cleaning process. 

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