Every New Year, it is habitual to set goals. Yours might be to get your dream car or job in 2022. And while all that is good, we hope you didn’t forget to consider your home in the planning.

Regardless of the job you take or the vacations you embark on, you’d always come home. For that reason, your home should be in top condition.

Now, you might argue that you’d already maintained your home in 2021. Perhaps your gutters and shingles are clean, and your HVAC system is in top shape. Even at that, you can’t stop now – home maintenance is not a one-off activity!

In essence, you have to keep maintaining your home in 2022 – and even beyond. And mind you, there is even a more pressing reason why you should keep up your “good work.”

According to the Remodeling Futures Program at the Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard University, Americans spent $357B on home improvement in 2021 Q3. Unfortunately, that figure would grow to $400B by 2022.

But if you maintain your home in 2022, you can avoid such pricey repairs. So, what more should you do? The following tips can help!

Create A Maintenance Checklist

Maintaining a home is a strenuous task. There is always something left to do regardless of how much you have done. As such, you most probably procrastinate when it’s time to work, eh? We get it!

But do you know you can break down the seemingly hefty and never-ending workload into simple tasks? You only need to have a home maintenance checklist. Then, you can shuffle your duties into weekly, monthly, and yearly schedules.

So, what should be on the maintenance checklist, and at what time?

  • Change the direction of your ceiling fans – every 6months
  • Change your HVAC filters – monthly
  • Check all exterior locks in your home and replace as needed – every 6months
  • Check water softeners for salt levels – monthly
  • Clean dryer vent and other exterior exhaust vents – monthly
  • Clean garage – monthly
  • Clean your gutters – every 6months, or you could do so monthly
  • Clean your kitchen sink disposal – weekly
  • Clean your oven range hood filter – weekly
  • Clear away dead shrubs or plant growth near your home – monthly or fortnightly if you have the time
  • Declutter basement and closets – every 6months
  • Deep clean your home – quarterly
  • Flush your water heater – quarterly
  • Inspect all fire extinguishers – monthly
  • Inspect your home’s roof and siding for damage – annually
  • Paint exterior trim – annually
  • Patch cracks in driveway or walkways – annually
  • Repair grout in kitchen and bathrooms – monthly
  • Repair or replace broken sprinkler heads – every 6months
  • Repair or replace damaged window screens – annually
  • Replace caulking & weather stripping as needed – annually
  • Schedule HVAC maintenance – every 6months
  • Test all smoke & carbon monoxide detectors – quarterly
  • Test garage door openers and safety sensor – quarterly
  • Vacuum refrigerator coils – every 6months
  • Wash all windows – weekly

While you are at it, you can involve your household to ease the workload off your shoulder. However, ensure you don’t overwork kids – if there are any in your home.

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DIY Isn’t The Solution To All Your Home Maintenance Needs

Earlier, we advised you to split your home maintenance workload amongst your household. However, note that most of the activities require experience. So, what renovation experience do you have? How about your family members?

Now, you might argue that you only need tools to maintain your home. Perhaps a power washer is enough to clear your gutters. Well, that might work for simple houses. But for big and commercial spaces, you will need experts to handle the tasks.

Bottom line: know your limits and let a pro handle the rest. Else, you might damage your home and accrue more expenses.

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Hire Sound Renovation, LLC

Home maintenance can be a drag if you’re not an expert or have a tight schedule. While we will advise you to do what you can in 2022, it is best to let a professional take care of your home. In that regard, Sound Renovation, LLC is the one you need!

Our services entail maintenance of roofing, siding, doors & windows, metal fabrication, and gutter. The best part: we offer quality home maintenance at relatively affordable rates.

Contact us today for a fair quote!

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